Mexico has a long-standing commitment to protect its citizens and tourists, and in order to allow authorities to monitor activity in public places, improve police response time and enable better crime analysis, Redline Communications (News - Alert), a company specializing in mission-critical wireless networks solutions, was recently roped in via a contract worth $1.7 million, where the company will power a wireless video surveillance network of more than 1,000 cameras in Mexico.

This contract will allow Redline's secure wireless networking system to provide M2M connectivity between cameras located throughout multiple cities and a central automated monitoring center. It includes the replacement of an existing smaller wired network with Redline's wireless backbone and expanding the number of cameras 20-fold. The Redline network brings with it the capacity for delivering higher resolution images, increased flexibility and improved security.

Redline officials confirmed the company will be initiating work related to the deployment of the network with immediate effect and will be completing the first phase by June 2014 and a smaller second phase by the end of 2014.

Redline's Virtual Fiber wireless will be the backbone of an enhanced and expanded video surveillance system. Redline Virtual Fiber solutions are used to facilitate and enhance public safety networks, deploy and extend secure networks, connect digital oilfields and smart grids, and extend broadband connectivity to all users no matter where they are located.

Under this contract, Redline will be providing a network based on its RDL-3000 family of products that can provide connectivity over long distances, connect more high-resolution cameras and deliver the high-quality video. Also, Redline's multicast features are believed to allow easy set-up of multiple security control centers without overloading the network. Additionally, Redline wireless systems also deliver AES-256, X.509 authentication, the highest level of security available on commercial wireless products.

Redline recently unveiled two new specialized additions to its RAS series of high-speed mobile wireless terminals: RAS-Extend Land Vehicle (LV) and RAS-Extend Marine. RAS Extend Land Vehicle is designed to deliver high-speed network connectivity to people and equipment in land vehicles operating in remote areas, while RAS-Extend Marine is designed to connect offshore platforms and marine vessels.

Redline has been serving governments, military, oil and gas, and the telecom industry for over a decade through its global network of certified partners.